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Bird Station Swing

Bird Station Swing

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Elevate your bird's habitat with our Bird Station Swing! Crafted from natural wood and sturdy acrylic, providing a safe and fun space for various bird species. Perfect for exercise and mental stimulation, alleviating loneliness and boredom. Easy to install and a great gift for your feathered friend!




Natural light wood


platform: 5.51 x 4.72 in (14 x 12 cm)
rail: 4.72 in (12cm)
swing: 6.69 x 4.72 in ( 17x12 cm)


natural wood and sturdy acrylic

Charakterystyka Produktu

1. Natural Materials: Crafted from natural wood and sturdy acrylic for durability and environmental friendliness.

2. Versatile Design: Suitable for various bird species including parakeets, cockatiels, conures, macaws, parrots, love birds, Mynahs, finches, and pineapples.

3. Elevated Perch: Provides birds with an elevated place to meet their natural needs, encouraging exercise and muscle strengthening.

4. Interactive Toy: Helps alleviate loneliness and anxiety by providing extra living and landing space for birds to play and explore.

5. Safe and Comfortable: Smooth surface and secure stand pole ensure birds can perch comfortably and securely without slipping.

6. Easy Installation: All parts are connected with screws for effortless attachment to the top of the bird cage.

7. Space-saving: Saves space and decorates the cage while providing entertainment and exercise for birds.

8. Diverse Activities: Great for catching, chewing, playing, and paw grinding, promoting physical and mental stimulation.

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