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Paw Turbo Cup Cleaner

Paw Turbo Cup Cleaner

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Introducing our Paw Turbo Cup Cleaner, a portable and efficient solution to keep your furry friend's paws clean after outdoor adventures. Available in two colors, this innovative paw cleaner ensures a quick and gentle way to remove mud, dirt, and contaminants, keeping your home and car free from unwanted mess. 

Keep your home clean and your pet happy with the Paw Turbo Cup Cleaner– a must-have for every pet owner's outdoor adventures.


Styleful Home


ABS + High-Quality Silicone


- Blue



Box dimention

1* Paw Turbo Cup Cleaner


1. Gentle and Effective Cleaning: Our Paw Turbo Cup Cleaner features high-quality silicone bristles that are gentle on your pet's paws while effectively removing dirt and mud.

2. Easy to Use: Simply add water or water with a bit of gentle soap to the cup, insert the muddy paw, and move the cup up and down or rotate to clean. The portable design makes it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, vacation, and traveling.

3. Quick and Convenient: After cleaning, detach the cup top ring, base, and silicone bristle for easy cleaning. Pour out the dirty water, clean the cup and silicone brush, and it's ready for the next use. The lightweight design ensures portability and convenience.

4. Everyday Muddy Paw Solution: Designed for pet owners, this paw cleaner offers a quick and effective way to remove dirt, preventing indoor mess and floor stains. The soft bristles clean paws, nails, and lower legs in seconds.

5. Color Options: Available in Blue or Pink. Our Paw Turbo Cup Cleaner combines functionality with style, allowing you to choose a color that suits your preferences.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lula Green

perfect, paws are clean after walk in the mud! great product

Donavon Bogan

All Super